Interview with Founders

We were recently interviewed by a journalist wanting to know more about the Überbag.

When was the brand started and why ? 

We started the brand in 2008. Almost everyone working in London and other cities were wearing black nylon rucksacks or very similar looking bags. There were some who were carrying hard traditional briefcases or portfolios. Students were almost all carrying tired canvas type messenger bags. We wanted to offer something a bit different. Well designed bags, which weren’t “in your face”, but designed to be practical and bags that challenged conventional design. Materials were very important to us as we wanted to use leathers that would last and age gracefully. We wanted to use eco-friendly leathers as much as possible and bring back some of the tradition that had been lost over the years to cater for mass production.

We spent years sourcing the finest materials from tanneries and suppliers, and looking for traditional manufacturers who were true artisans and masters of craftsmanship. We also need to ensure that all the suppliers complied with and shared the same ethical values that we do.

We worked with these tanneries and craftsman to turn our designs into beautifully crafted bags … this first range was so popular that it sold out almost immediately. Since then, we have learnt so much about the use of traditional vegetable tanned leathers in bags but this learning is an ongoing journey ..

Who are the bags designed by ? 

The bags are designed by ourselves.

What’s the concept behind the aesthetic ? 

We started Überbag on the minimalistic concept and also on the worn vintage look. More recently, we have gone for traditional designs with military influences. We look back into history and see how bags were used and use this as an inspiration. For example, our Haversack is a modern interpretation of the traditional single shoulder haversack that was used to carry food.  Our satchels are a modern interpretation of traditional satchels that were carried by hand, over the shoulder or as a backpack