Urban Commuters aren’t famed for their sartorial choices. Trainers with suits. Tracksuits with ties. But why save style for the weekend? Uberbag believes that true style is a lifestyle. We combine form and function to create accessories which reflect your needs. As modern city life gets more complicated, Uberbag simplifies your urban uniform with understated investment pieces.

Whether you need to carry an iPad or a paint palette, if you’re looking for an alternative to the scruffy nylon rucksack or corporate briefcase, Uberbags are built with your needs in mind. The foundation of our products is materials of superior quality: eco-friendly leathers sourced from ethical companies. As Uberbag has grown more exclusive, we have specialised in vegetable tanned leathers and traditional manufacturers.

Our minimalist products transcend trends, moving seamlessly from one season to the next as the sumptuous leathers deepen and mature. Vegetable tanning has been used for centuries. Rather then using chemicals in the tanning process, it uses natural extracts, such as bark from trees to tan the leather. The process is time consuming and is now very unusual due to the high cost.

We use traditional manufacturers in Europe who are experts at working with thick vegetable tanned leathers. As they are “naked” leathers, they have to be handled very carefully. It’s a very intensive process but creates a superior individually handcrafted product. You can expect to hand them to your Grandchildren looking better than they did when they were first crafted.